New Website design and features to come

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We are happy to announce that Md5This has been re-designed and now has a more clean, simple, and modern design. Additionally, in response to popular demand we are working on incorporating the following features into the website:

  • Cleaner, more user friendly design without ads and banners. [ETA: Done!]
  • User comments on News and Tools sections. [ETA: Done!]
  • A community forum. [ETA: 15-July-2011]
  • Improved search speed for MD5 hashes. [ETA: 1-August-2011]
  • Improved recovery methods including daily automated (distributed?)
    offline brute-force. [ETA: 1-September-2011]
  • A form to submit password related files for recovery. [ETA: Done!]
  • Recovery service for passwords encrypted with methods other than MD5
    (i.e: LM, NTLM, WPA etc). [ETA: Done!]

We are looking forward to hearing more of your opinions on the additions and changes.

Have fun browsing our website!

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