Welcome to md5this website

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Welcome to md5This.com

Well, this project is running for some years now and i am proud to say that md5this cracked a lot hashes this time. The last months you may have noticed some updates on the site.

At this point i say a big thanks to the people that really helped me out on this project.

Teardrop,nowayout,waraxe and hip.

Now some news that you may find interested:

http://www.infosec.org.uk site is up and running. The new security portal for black/gray/white hats.

http://www.waraxe.us dont forget to visit waraxe's website if you are interested in getting some advance help on php applications and latest exploits on most popular cms.

http://www.astalavista.com the famous hacking and security portal is updated !! check it out

Projects :

1) distributed PS3 md5 cracker.

2) AI md5 password cracker / wordlist generator

3) Optimisation of md5this.com database to run faster with a major update on data and value.


If anyone is interested on those projects please send us an email at md5this[at]gmail.com

As you have noticed we moved to a new server. Check out the speed of the cracker ! Now you can crack your md5s in less than a second !

happy cracking,

md5this Team

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